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What are top 5 benefits for student after graduation?

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5 Most advantages for graduate student in poland

  • Start up new Business
  • Can apply for Temporary residence card.
  • Start to work full time.
  • Eligible for Blue Card
  • Start up further study

Start up new Business

Poland is one of the EU nations with the biggest economies there are numerous focal points for speculators who are looking towards starting a business in Poland. The nation is one of the most appealing venture areas in the focal point of Europe and it is likewise one of only a handful few nations that has held its dependability all through the monetary emergency.

Main focus business opportunities in Poland

Numerous global organizations have just opened branches in Poland and numerous unfamiliar speculators are thinking about building up another business in the nation. A portion of the Polish business areas that appreciate good improvement include:

  • the automotive and aviation areas;
  • the electronics area;
  • the energy area;
  • the food business
  • the IT area;
  • the innovative work area.

Poland’s area in Europe is one of the nation’s most noteworthy focal points. Financial specialists have simple admittance to the European market and the nation has kept up dependable business associations with probably the main nations in the EU, similar to France or the UK.

Numerous organizations take part in import and fare exercises on account of the nation’s ideal geological area. On the other hand, the individuals who need to put resources into the food area can buy agrarian land in Poland.

The organization enrollment measure in Poland is clear. Each organization should be enlisted and get an uncommon REGON and NIP distinguishing proof number just as register for VAT, contingent upon the business exercises it performs.

Underneath, our attorneys records the principle ventures for beginning a business in Poland:

  • Pick the organization type: as featured above, speculators can pick between a few business structures and this will impact the overall organization arrangement measure.
  • Choose when the business will begin: the organization enrollment application will remember a date for which the business begins; ensure that the assets are adequate to start the movement.
  • Pick an organization name: every business must have an exceptional name that should be reasonable for advertising purposes just as consents to the nearby necessities; the name must be interesting.
  • Pick the PKD codes: these are the codes that will demonstrate the sort of business action that will be performed by the new legitimate substance.
  • Plan for enrollment: one of our legal advisors in Poland can assist you with social occasion and set up the entirety of the records required for organization enlistment.
  • Open a financial balance: now and again, speculators can open a ledger before the enrollment of the organization; in different cases, the business must be enlisted before this progression.
  • Apply for VAT and social protection enrollment: these are two of the primary advances that should be dealt with once the business is enlisted; the organization is naturally announced after enlistment to the Social Insurance Institution.
  • Acquire permits to operate: this is a stage that is required distinctly at times, for those organizations that work dependent on exceptional allows and licenses, for instance, those that sell mixed drinks.

Can apply for Temporary residence card.

After graduation one have right to stay in teritory of poland. Searching for job, Open temporary residence card, working TRC.

Required Documents for Job Search :
  • Application form
  • Insurance
  • Diploma
  • House contract
  • sop
Required Documents for Open Trc:
  • Application form
  • Insurance
  • Diploma
  • House contract
  • work contract
  • sop
Required Documents working Trc :

1) Rental contract, which will be valid for 1 year. If it is not possible, then ask Landlord to extend it by signing Annex with him. Guess, he will agree to it.

2)  Work contract. Take into account that the minimum salary now is 2 800 zł gross. In 2022 it can jump up to 3000. Better if your salary is already this one, so we will not need to change anything.

3) PIT-37 for 2019/20 (If you have only PIT-11 then you have to go fast to your TAX office by place of living and there you can settle PIT-37),

4) Labor market test (Informacja Starosty) which must be received by an employer from the Labor Office. If you are a student or in a last 3 years you finished BA/MA in EU country, than you are free of it, but we need to submit diploma or student letter,

5) Financial proof that the company where you are going to work is growing and has money to employ people. It can be CIT-8 of a company for last year, invoices, payrolls, 

6) Work Permit. Actually it is not needed for the process, but if you have it is better to submit, because then immigration office will be more loyal, cause you already work in your company and pay all taxes.

7) Tax no-objection letter. This document you can get in the TAX office by a place where you are living. Sometimes it takes 1-7 days. It costs 21 zł. For it you need a passport and home contract. Tax no-objection has the same power for Immigration Office as a Work permit. It is not obligatory. This is just for convincing them that your tax history is clear. 

8) ZUS RCA (for the last 6 months from now). These documents should be provided by the employer. If not go for new Private Insurance(40,000 Euro)

9) Trc Application form and Zaêacznik 1 Suppliment , (statement of purpose,Utility bill).

Eligible for Blue Card

Am I qualified to apply for a Blue Card?

To apply for a Blue Card, the candidate must:

  • have a legitimate work agreement or restricting bid for employment for exceptionally qualified work with a length of at any rate 1 year;
  • meet the base compensation limit in the Member State concerned (see underneath);
  • for managed callings: present archives demonstrating that the public legitimate necessities are met;
  • for unregulated callings: present records demonstrating that the significant higher expert capabilities are met (for more data about higher expert capabilities, see the FAQ segment);
  • present a substantial travel archive, an application for a visa or a visa (if essential), and a legitimate habitation grant or a public long haul visa (if suitable);
  • present a proof of infection protection (or a proof of having applied for it).
  • What’s more, the candidate must not represent a danger to public approach in the perspective on the Member State. S/he may likewise be needed to give his/her location in that Member State.
  • For 2015, Poland set the minimum salary threshold at: 68 102 PLN (15 446 EUR).

How long will my EU Blue Card be substantial?

The standard time of legitimacy in Poland is: Two years.

Explicit principles: In Poland, the EU Blue Card is given for the time of the business contract in addition to a quarter of a year yet no longer than two years.

What amount will it cost?

Beginning Blue Card expense: 111 EUR.

Restoration: 119 EUR. Substitution: 12 EUR.

Expense for express issuance: N/A.

What amount of time will it require to get my Blue Card?

Public law anticipates that the most extreme handling time for giving a Blue Card in Poland is 60 days for muddled cases, 30 days for non-convoluted.

Next level Degree witing for you

If you are thinking of getting next level of degree then it’s right time for you to join next education level.

“Never stop learning”

Joining new University will required listed below documents:-

  • High School graduation certificate or equivalent with the decision about nostrification
  • High School transcript of grades
  • Bachelor or Master degree certificate
  • Transcript of grades/supplement from bachelor or master studies
  • Certificate confirming English Language knowledge on B2 level
  • Passport photocopy
  • Digital passport size photo
  • Research proposal**
  • CV*
  • Cover Letter*
  • Recommendation letter


1. All educational documents need to be legalized by Polish Consulate or Apostille in the country of issue.

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