For decades medical science has believed that genes determined our biological destiny. Now the new genetics has changed that assumption forever. You will always have the genes you were born with, but genes are dynamic, responding to everything we think, say, and do. Suddenly they’ve become our strongest allies for personal transformation. When you make lifestyle choices that optimize how your genes behave, you can reach for a state of health and fulfillment undreamed of even a decade ago.  The impact on prevention, immunity, diet, aging, and chronic disorders is unparalleled. Here are some upto known gene identifications and their resppnsibilities in human DNA for futurestics human power. #erythropoietin receptor gene higher abilities in everything.

#body blocks the protein myostatin, which inhibits muscle growth.

#a condition known as hyperthymesia, or the ability to recall every tiny, stupid detail from her life going back decades. Ev-er-y detail.

#genetic condition known as Marfan syndrome, which affects connective tissue throughout the body. People with Marfan tend to be unusually tall, with long limbs and fingers, and have “abnormal flexibility.”

#Less sleepa gene known as DEC2, which affects the circadian rhythm. The result is they are “short sleepers” who need far less sleep than the average person. This is a genetic disposition that may affect as much as 5% of the population.

#Powerful white blood cellsdelta 32 mutation,” which protected his CD4 white blood cells from HIV. Due to this small genetic change (which otherwise had no apparent effects), Crohn was completely immune to HIV.

#adermatoglyphia is a genetic condition that leaves the afflicted without fingerprints.

#ACTN3 gene#LRP5 protein •

#Mystique – shape-shifting into any person, with the ability to copy their voice as well #super egle eye The normal human eye has a visual acuity of 20/20, but Veronica’s has been measured at around 20/2. She can identify people from more than a mile away! 

#ultra sonic hearthe prestin protein, encoded by the SLC26A5 gene, is key to the ultrasonic hearing range of animal sonar.

# Super runner the NCoR1 gene in mice, which led them to run twice as fast as normal! The NCoR1 gene encodes a protein called nuclear receptor corepressor 1 that inhibits muscle growth, so when it was knocked out the mice grew muscles that were larger, more dense, and had a greater number of mitochondria than their wild type counterparts. 

#Unforgettable memory Hyperthymesia, or highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM), is a unique neurological condition that causes people to remember practically every detail of their life – every conversation, every emotion, every experience.

#sickle cell disease are seen as types of covid19 variants these are initial effects changes on cell during gene manuplation process.So go on vaccinating regular basis to get some changes be inside the running world dont try to escape from present hold it hug it and move with the flow.

👉Warning Notice : Sickle cell is type of gene changes in chemical compound of body if they tries or disnt get enough protein needed to activate the energy to cell. this can be compared with recently attached covid19 infection they are same here upto end.Dont get panic stay with flow everything comes to good at end.

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