How We Can get UK Visit visa (United Kingdom)

United Kingdom is one of the dream country to visit.
“Life is journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodation are”

Required Documents:

  • Your Passport
  • 4 pp-sized Photographs
  • Visa application form
  • Conformation of application fee paid
  • Bank balance Certificate
  • Appointment booking
  • Itinerary Booking
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Health insurance
  • Statement of purpose
  • Student,work conformation letter
  • Vacation letter

Your Passport
passport must have validity of 1 year before expiring.

4 pp-sized Photographs
Photo should be color and pp-size dimensions without glass,cap,earring and neck less.

Visa application form
Click here to get visa application form don’t try to cheat immigration officer providing fake data use real genuine intention for visit and other information to grant visa.

Conformation of application fee paid
This is an electronic conformation of application page which you can get it into your email address after completing the application form and fee payment. you must take it along with other docs.

Bank balance Certificate
This depends upon you how much money you are going to take with you. plus air ticket price plus hotel reservation price minimum i suggest make balance up-to 5,000 pound.

Appointment booking
After completing the application form then you are redirected to select the appointment place which is near for you and available date.
moreover you can submit those document online also.

Itinerary Booking
When you are booking ticket for your trip you can simply search on google flight and find the best price for you don’t pay for ticket just print the conformation of booking make sure that your flight time should be 3 month or less than when you applied for visa.

Hotel Reservation
Find the affordable price and near by hotel where you are going to visit.
same like Itinerary only book for conformation.

Health insurance
During booking health insurance you have to buy heath insurance coverage of minimum 5000 pound. Minimum coverage of 6 months. Depend upon the duration of visa applied.

Statement of purpose

After collecting your all listed above documents. now it’s time to submit those documents. Where you have chosen your appointment location during filling the application form.  In addition document submit they ask you for bio-metric. Which include your short intro video, Finger print.

Buy These 4 Listed documents: || Only $20||
Itinerary Booking
Health Insurance
Hotel Reservation
Statement of purpose

Corn: Applicant don’t have to face Interview for UK visit visa.

||Wait for 14 days to grand visa on your passport||

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