Pi is a new social cryptocurrency as they told us but actually it’s not what we think.


Todays world digital technology had increased dramatically after the impact of virus These are marketing strategies which helps advertiser and big company to increase the sells and decrease the cost.
Each and everyday they mine your raw data like Browser history,Online payments, They stores data called KDD trend and sends the data packets to server then filters the data and finally they sell those our valuable privacy to targeted advertiser then we are digitally cookied

In general term when you browse website they ask you to accept the cookies that’s the same how it works but everything is hidden under javascript code.

For an instance if you recently book air ticket, or bought online product. When you watch YouTube, web search you are viewing same AD related to Air ticket and those online products that means you are
Digitally cookied

As we know it’s very hard to earn money it’s not that much too easy we tap or scroll the screen and earn thousands of dollar but it’s not scam it works.

How Much money we can make from pi

Depending upon your raw data size and data quality access of bunch of data history amount of time spend over surfing internet. Per day you can make upto 0.5$ – 0.20$ but make sure that you are selling your private privacy just for few cents.

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