After vaccinated crisper is aiming bio-hacking led for rapid Sci-Fi world.

Gene Editing scifi-world: CRISPER can control DNA by RNA messaging or modifying RNA on base of enzymes and protein that to be redirected to dna for further change.

PCR- polymer chain reaction
Its a method to make millions to billions of copies of specific DNA allowing scientists to amplify and study in details.

MRNA copies the code of cell in DNA and stores the data in MRNA which can be extracted after by swap pcr or by blood test.

-RPE65: Gene makes a protein essential for normal vision(Can cure vision lost from child ones.)
-IGF1: It stimulate body growth, muscles .

Advantages for future:
-we can glow with any color you want.
-we can build body like body builders.
-can owe an owl eyes will have night vision.

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